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Thomas M. Petersen was invited to join the National Advocacy for DUI Defense organization on November 5, 2013. NAFDD screens thousands of attorneys and selects those with outstanding results in DUI defense cases. Tom was recognized as one of the top 50 defense attorneys from over 5,000 in the State of Nebraska.

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Tom Petersen is a participating member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. The NACDL is the foremost legal fraternity on criminal defense. The organization provides defense lawyers with some of the most advanced resources in the legal community and Tom utilizes these resources to provide the best representation for his clients.

Federal Crimes

Federal charges can be the most intensive and invasive investigations one may experience but you are in the right place. Petersen Criminal Defense has handled thousands of criminal cases and is experienced in all aspects of federal court practice. We can help... Learn More

Drug Crimes

Controlled substance laws have increased and changed to accommodate a growing number of offenses prohibiting the possession, manufacture, and delivery of controlled substances. These substances range from illegal drugs such as marijuana, heroin, and cocaine, to prescription-only substances such as opana and oxycodone... Learn More

Sex Crimes

Sexual assault is a serious and life changing accusation. If you are accused of sexual assault, then you need an experienced lawyer to defend you from a Nebraska sexual assault charge and guide you through the criminal process... Learn More


If you or a loved one has been arrested for an Omaha DUI or Sarpy County drunk driving offense, you need experienced help to get through the process and make sure all your rights are protected. Getting the right information is the first step... Learn More

Violent Crimes

Being charged with a violent crime can be a stressful and overwhelming. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help guide you through the legal process and build a strong defense from the start.... Learn More

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Omaha Criminal Defense Lawyer

Have you been arrested for a criminal charge in Omaha, Nebraska?

If so, you need an aggressive Omaha Criminal Defense Lawyer on your side. Petersen Criminal Defense has been helping those accused of crimes in Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska for over 15 years by providing comprehensive defense and protecting your freedom. We have handled over 6,000 cases since 1995 and handled hundreds of trials. We constantly hone our skills of trial practice, legal research and negotiation to provide you with the very best representation.

Our firm is dedicated to providing exceptional representation for drug crimes, sexual assault, federal crimes and dui. When you are facing life-altering allegations, you will be protected by a firm that has the experience, dedication and tenacity to exercise your State and Federal rights with a singular focus of protecting your freedom and achieving a favorable outcome.

During your free initial, no obligation consultation, we will take a detailed account of your case facts. We will explain all of the charges, penalties, defenses and possible outcomes that apply to your criminal case. We hope you get a feel for the transparency and care we apply to representing you and gain confidence that we will help. If you choose to retain, we maintain frequent communication with you about the status of your case and your defenses. We provided detailed explanations of the work we are doing and why it is being done so that you remain informed and comfortable throughout the process. We answer the phones 24 hours per day that our clients can reach us with additional facts or just to ask a question. We stand with you every step of the way.

Are you being investigated for a criminal offense in Omaha, Nebraska?

If you are under investigation or have been contacted by law enforcement, the time is now to contact a lawyer who can help. Police interviews and the resulting admissions are the prosecution's strongest evidence. Law enforcement tries to convince you they are helping or everything will be ok if you just tell your side of the story. If properly taken, statements made before an arrest are some of the most damaging. Protect your rights and avoid being mis-quoted. We can often level the playing field and ensure you are protected in such interviews. We may advise you to not participate in police questioning. We have avoided criminal charges for our clients in hundreds of cases by helping at the investigation stage of a criminal case.

Misdemeanor, Felony and Federal Criminal Defense

Nebraska criminal offenses are classified by infractions, misdemeanors and felonies. The State of Nebraska as well as the United States Government may bring charges depending on if they are state or federal charges. Infractions are the least serious offenses and generally carry fines only. Misdemeanor charges may carry both jail time and fines but incarceration is capped at less than a year. The most serious criminal conduct is charged as a felony with penalties ranging from one year to life in prison. No matter what type of charge you face, Petersen Criminal Defense is prepared to vigorously defend the case and ensure that your rights are protected. We handle a wide variety of criminal cases including drunk driving, driving under suspension, pornography, possession with intent to deliver drugs and domestic violence. Whether you are charged in state or federal court, an exceptional criminal defense attorney is only a phone call away.

Our criminal defense attorney actively seek sentencing alternatives and diversion. Many offenses and offenders may qualify for pre-charge dispositions as diversion. There are post conviction alternatives such as Drug Court or non-prison sentencing alternatives. We are passionate about finding diversion and non-prison alternatives for our clients.

Experience Counts

When you are facing serious criminal charges, choose a lawyer that has actually handled the type of case you are facing. Engage an attorney who cares about his clients, has trial experience and a personal interest in the outcome for his clients. Experience and the working relationships that it brings may be the difference between a conviction and freedom. The consequences of a criminal conviction is far too important to leave in the hands of an inexperienced lawyer.

To learn more, contact Petersen Criminal Defense or call 402-835-6700.